Why Spending Time Alone Should Be Encouraged

With memes such as forever alone, you’d think being by yourself is a crime.

These memes overshadow the incredible benefits of spending alone. Society dictates how you are supposed to feel about pretty much every aspect of your life. This is the same society that says being alone in your own company is a bad thing. Whether this is pressure to have a partner or to constantly be around other people, you can’t just be alone without it being a bad thing. Being by yourself is often quickly regarded as loneliness which is far from the truth.

The other day, my work colleague said she was going to the cinema to see The Gentlemen. I asked whether she was going by herself and to her offence, she frowned and said ‘No, I’m not sad’.
There isn’t anything sad about wanting to spend time in your own company. The fact you are getting yourself out there alone is a very brave thing. It takes immense courage for a person to go out by themselves whether this is going to a restaurant alone or travelling solo. Doing this soley for you can boost your happiness and is a great form of self-care!

Being alone can do wonders for your personal development and mental health. I am not saying you shouldn’t be around other people as spending too much time alone can have negative effects too. However, I am saying don’t be afraid to spend time with just you. Being alone presents you with an opportunity to discover and pursue your interests without being swayed by others. You’ll get time to hone in skills that you have or even develop new skills!

Most importantly, spending time by yourself can help you work on loving you. You can explore the great gifts and talents you have which will deepen the love you have for yourself. Ultimately, you can build a healthier relationship with yourself which can have amazing effects on all your other relationships!
Like Mama Ru says ‘If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell can you love someone else?’

So, don’t dismiss spending time alone just yet. Try it for an half an hour or so this week and see how you get on!

Comment below, and let me know how it goes.

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