• 5 Wellbeing Tips For Healthy Living In Winter

    It’s winter season once again and it feels different this year. Being in lockdown feels never-ending, those shorter days and darker nights. Some of you may feel even lower than you did this time last year. With all the uncertainty in the world, you may feel overwhelmed and down. However, it is key to look after yourself, your health and wellbeing. I have written 7 winter self-care tips in the past which you can access here. This post is all about healthy living in winter. Especially right now, it’s so important to keep our health at 100%!  Take Vitamin DKnown famously as the sunshine vitamin, vitamin d is a fat-soluble…

  • I Had To Move My Wedding Due To The Pandemic

    Hi everyone, How is everyone doing in these crazy weird times? I’ve decided to turn all the blog posts I was going do into podcasts. I think I’m a lot better at talking than writing. I may do the odd post here and there though. I’ve done yet another Covid-19 podcast, and this is one of the many ways this pandemic has affected me. As the title suggests, I had to move my wedding because of Covid. It’s crazy because I was going to be walking down the aisle next week, but that’s no longer happening. It was a difficult decision to make and at times (like this week before…

  • What Is Self-Love And How Can You Practice It

    This is a quote I took from this week’s podcast on the Self-Love Corner Podcast. This is what I defined self-love as in my own words. Even though it’s a little long-winded, I think every part of this definition defines self-love. Self-love is a great journey to be on and it doesn’t have or need a destination. It can be quite challenging finally accept yourself for you, understanding who you are, and loving everything about yourself. It is a hard journey and an uphill battle at times, but a beautiful journey which is worth it. Please check out my podcast episode herehttps://anchor.fm/selflovecorner How do you practice self-love? Please comment below

  • Self-Love Corner Podcast

    Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve last posted on here (about 7 months, I’m so sorry). Hope you are all doing well during all these strange times. I feel so much has happened in these 6 months. 2020 will be a year to remember, but also be a growing year.