• 5 Wellbeing Tips For Healthy Living In Winter

    It’s winter season once again and it feels different this year. Being in lockdown feels never-ending, those shorter days and darker nights. Some of you may feel even lower than you did this time last year. With all the uncertainty in the world, you may feel overwhelmed and down. However, it is key to look after yourself, your health and wellbeing. I have written 7 winter self-care tips in the past which you can access here. This post is all about healthy living in winter. Especially right now, it’s so important to keep our health at 100%!  Take Vitamin DKnown famously as the sunshine vitamin, vitamin d is a fat-soluble…

  • Self-Love Corner Podcast

    Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve last posted on here (about 7 months, I’m so sorry). Hope you are all doing well during all these strange times. I feel so much has happened in these 6 months. 2020 will be a year to remember, but also be a growing year.

  • 7 Self Care Ideas To Get You Through Winter

    It’s colder, it’s darker, but taking care of yourself is still such an important thing to do. Self is key throughout the year, but especially important over winter. Here is a list of 7 winter self-care tips I’ve created for you to try this winter! 1) ExerciseYes – everyone’s favourite thing to do is top of the list. The colder weather can make you not want to work out. But, exercising stimulates the release of endorphins which can make you feel less stressed. Also, the brain can release neurotransmitters such as serotonin and this promotes good feelings about yourself (this may be why you feel fantastic after a workout). Working out…

  • Invest In Yourself!

    You may hear people say things such as treat yourself about buying a fancy bag, makeup, shoes, clothes etc. You can still do this by investing in yourself. Investment in yourself is a form of self-care which is so essential. For some reason, so many of us don’t see it that way.

  • Remember To Look After Yourself

    I recently took a sick day off work which is something I never do. Before ringing work, I was battling inside myself whether I was ill enough to stay off work. I find it hard to take days off as I feel I am letting work down, but I shouldn’t feel this way. When you’re ill with a cold, for example, you’re probably worse than you think. If I had gone to work that day, I would have let my body down. It’s so important to take care of health and wellbeing. Sometimes you need time to rest and give your body time to get yourself back to a fit…