• 5 Wellbeing Tips For Healthy Living In Winter

    It’s winter season once again and it feels different this year. Being in lockdown feels never-ending, those shorter days and darker nights. Some of you may feel even lower than you did this time last year. With all the uncertainty in the world, you may feel overwhelmed and down. However, it is key to look after yourself, your health and wellbeing. I have written 7 winter self-care tips in the past which you can access here. This post is all about healthy living in winter. Especially right now, it’s so important to keep our health at 100%!  Take Vitamin DKnown famously as the sunshine vitamin, vitamin d is a fat-soluble…

  • 3 Ways To Make Working Out Easier

    Let’s talk about exercise. You know you have to do it and you know how good it is for your overall health, but why is it hard to do it? Why does the thought of getting up in the morning to go to the gym make you feel overwhelmed? Why can you easily skip exercise, but can always watch that TV show on time every week?