Weekend Ramblings

This photo was taken during my weekend in the countryside visiting my in-laws (future in-laws). There’s something about being in the countryside that’s so relaxing and calming! It was nice hanging out with my in laws doing wholesome things like going to a garden centre and a flower show in one of the local churches. My 9-5 job sometimes doesn’t give me the time to unwind and really live in the moment, but this weekend I did get that chance! It was great to have an easy weekend playing with the dogs and going on walks. I loved the community feel the village had and there were a lot of things going on. Most of the people in the village were older, retired and living their best lives (I hate this saying but it’s very true). It was quite inspiring to see and knowing I could do this too. At times it does feel I don’t live the life I know I can, but this is something I am working on.

I think it’s very important to have breaks away from your normal life and relax. I feel super refreshed and ready to crack on with this blog. If something is important to you, you should make time for it. Whether this is spending time with my family and friends or keeping up with my blog. I’ve recently moved to a new flat and started a new job. It has been hard to adjust to everything, but I am ready to be more consistent with my blog! I guess this blog will give me a chance to see my journey in improving my life and spending time doing things I love. Hopefully I can help people along the way too.

Thank you for reading, hope everyone is having a great day!

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