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Podcasts Are Great And This is Why You Should Start Listening To Them Today!!

Oh, podcasts, how I used to diss thee.

Okay hear me out, I never used to listen to podcasts. My fiancé just to go on and on about how amazing they were, and I was so resistant. I didn’t have an opinion per se on podcasts, I just thought they would be boring. I just imagined them being people talking about the news all the time and unsurprisingly, this didn’t interest me. I finally gave in and I began listening to Serial. To say I was hooked is an understatement as I would listen to this true-crime podcast any chance I got. I found myself listening to Serial before bed, when I walking to work and even in the gym. Listening to Serial led me to discover other true crime podcasts such as In the Dark. However, I’ve discovered even more since then and I keep finding more. 

 So here’s a small list of why you should start listening to podcasts today.

1) You can listen to podcasts for free
How amazing is that, you can listen to great content without even having to pay a penny. My favourite free app to listen to podcasts is called Acast which is available on both android and IOS making it easily accessible (I like listening on my phone, but you can listen to podcasts on a laptop/desktop too). You can listen to podcasts on Spotify, Apple Music, BBC podcast, Tune in the list is endless. Being so accessible means, you can listen to podcasts everywhere and anywhere. You can listen to them on your morning commute, in the gym, at home or wherever you like.

2) You can learn so much from podcasts
Don’t be fooled like I once was, podcasts are not just people talking about the news or their opinions on things. You can learn so much from podcasts on many different topics. When I began blogging, I read about watched YouTube videos about blogging. However, I discovered a couple of podcasts about blogging which also helped me. Lately, I’ve been listening to a podcast by a doctor in the UK and learning about how to live better. I’ve learnt so much about the gut, lifestyle medicine and sleep. Okay, this interests me since I work in healthcare, but the point I’m trying to get to get across is you can learn about pretty much any topic. Once again to empathise, this amazing content is free!

3) There are a lot of different topics to suit everyone
Whatever you’re interested, I can guarantee there is a podcast about it. I am getting married next year and one of the podcasts I listened to helped me find a photographer from their website! When I started getting into the law of attraction, I found a few podcasts to help me understand some of the concepts. Whether you’re interested in these topics or anything else, try and search something you’d like to listen too.

Now you’ve read this post, why don’t you go and listen to your first podcast!

Comment below and let me know what podcasts you’re listening to.

Thank you for reading, see you in my next post