Quick update

Hello everyone, I hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday! It is currently a miserable day in Oxford (what a surprise, it’s England), and I love how much these flowers just brighten up my day. I am currently recovering from my week off and preparing to start work again tomorrow (so sad about this). You know that feeling of dread when you’ve been off for a long time and you just don’t want to return to the workplace.

I spent the beginning of the week in Amsterdam and I had a fantastic time! I relaxed, explored and indulged in so many sugary delights. I would recommend going to Amsterdam and I will do a blog post about my travels later on this week!
I’ve been finding it hard to reset and get back to normalcy. I am slowly getting back into my routine and preparing for the week ahead.
Does anybody have any tips on how you can get back into a routine after a holiday?

I am hoping to post a bit more this month and finally do my about me page. I really enjoy blogging thus far and I am grateful for anyone who has spent time to read my posts!

Anyway, hope everyone has a lovely week ahead and I will see you in my next post!