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Remember To Look After Yourself

I recently took a sick day off work which is something I never do. Before ringing work, I was battling inside myself whether I was ill enough to stay off work. I find it hard to take days off as I feel I am letting work down, but I shouldn’t feel this way. When you’re ill with a cold, for example, you’re probably worse than you think. If I had gone to work that day, I would have let my body down.

It’s so important to take care of health and wellbeing. Sometimes you need time to rest and give your body time to get yourself back to a fit state. So please, don’t be afraid to tell your employer that you’re taking a day or a few days off for an illness of any kind! Please courageous and brave in this decision.
Remember health is wealth and a healthier you can achieve far more things than a sick you.

Please look after yourselves!

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