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Invest In Yourself!

You may hear people say things such as treat yourself about buying a fancy bag, makeup, shoes, clothes etc. You can still do this by investing in yourself. Investment in yourself is a form of self-care which is so essential. For some reason, so many of us don’t see it that way.

There are times in life we express a desire about something we would love to do, but it’s too expensive. We say things such as ‘oh that yoga class is too expensive, that art class costs ways too much’. This can drive us away from our interests which feel out of our reach. If these things will help us grow within ourselves they are worth it and valuable! I don’t think investing in your hobbies or interests is ever a waste of money and time. We should be courageous about this and willing to invest in our development.

I’ve been doing yoga for a couple of months at home. I have never been to a class as they were too far away or inconvenient times or you’ve guessed it, cost too much! Recently, I’ve found a yoga class close to where I live, with better times, but still costly. But I love yoga, and I would love to be in a class environment, so I will invest in myself to do that.

Life is too short to always wait for the future to do things. I understand for some things the timing might not be right, but when will it ever be the right time to do something you love?

So today, why don’t you take that leap of faith and invest in you. You are amazing and deserve to enjoy your life to the fullest!

What are going to do to invest in yourself today?

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