Don’t Let Self-Doubt Steal Your Happiness In 2020

If you’re anything like me, you’ve let self-doubt seep into your life and take joy away from you.

You may have great ideas about what you’d like to do and have big dreams, but something in your brain tells you the opposite. This is the part that says your ideas are terrible and you can’t reach your dreams. Our minds can be wonderful to us yet can also be cruelly detrimental. You may have experienced that niggling feeling saying you’re not good enough but doubting ourselves can stop us from reaching our goals – or worse, failing to try. As such, we can easily develop a deep fear of the unknown and a poor perception of our own talents and the gifts that we have.

I am very familiar with self-doubt and I’ve allowed this feeling to overwhelm me too much this year. I wanted to give up on many projects I’d started, before they had a chance to succeed – such as this blog – in fear of not being good enough. With this blog, I felt I had to post a certain way and it stopped me from writing about what really matters to me. I started worrying a lot about audience numbers and thought that reflected my blog’s quality. However, I realised that this isn’t a true reflection of this blog. I reminded myself why I started my blog in the first place and that’s because of my passion to help others, and hopefully be an understandable and relatable voice. Realising this has helped me to stay motivated and committed to my blog. I can’t lie and say I never doubt myself anymore (heck I have doubts about this post!), but the real difference now is I constantly remind myself why I want to accomplish whatever goal I have. With blogging, I have helping others at the forefront of my mind, and this will always drive me

To transform your mindset, I find self-reflection works wonders. I know I talk about reflecting often, but I truly believe it’s a fantastic way to evaluate situations and find solutions to problems. When contemplating your own doubts, it’s essential to search for the root of the problem, and why those doubts manifested to begin with. Once you have this figured it out, you can understand yourself better, overcome feelings of unease, and importantly, create your own ways to fight the feeling and keep it at bay.

So, in 2020, we won’t let self-doubt eat away our happiness. We will be brave and remember the amazing reasons why we’re awesome and nothing will stop us from achieving our goals!

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and wish you a prosperous New Year!

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