Get Back On That Bike Girl……Ways To Stay Motivated

I’ve recently uploaded an episode on my podcast about how to stay motivated.

Motivation is great when you feel it and it pushes you to achieve your goals. However, you cannot depend on motivation alone to do this as it can be very fleeting. In the episode, I talk about how I taught myself to ride a bike at the age of 24! I am proud of myself for doing this and I learnt a lot about motivation.

Here are my tips for staying motivated

  1. Set A Goal
    I recommend setting a SMART target or any goal that is measurable This will really set the direction of where you want to be and you can plan the steps that will help you get to your goal
  2. Remember Your Why
    Like I said before, motivation can’t be depended upon all the time. When motivation is there, it’s great and everything feels easy. However, when you simply don’t feel like it, this will make achieving your goal a lot harder. Remember why you wanted to achieve your goal in the first place. Why did you want to have a blog? Why do you want to get fit? Why do you want a certain career? This why can help you out when motivation is simply not there
  3. Have An Accountability System
    I hate having an accountability system. My friends and partner easily call me out when I am not doing what I said I would. However, it works so well. Having people like that in your life will ensure you stay on track.
  4. Track Your Progress
    Sometimes when you’re doing something every day, weekly etc, it’s not clear how much progress you’re making. Sometimes this may stop you from achieving your goal. Having a progress tracker system in place e.g. photos will give you a physical proof of your progress
  5. Celebrate Every Victory
    Celebrate even the small victories. Like in my story when I went to practice cycling even when I didn’t achieve anything, I would still be happy that I got myself out there. Please don’t be hard on yourself, you’re doing great!

Thank you so much for reading.

Listen to my podcast episode here which goes more in depth about the points above:
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